​Kris Anderson is a highly accomplished guitar, bass, and drum instructor and native Georgian. A graduate of the Atlanta Institute of Music, Anderson holds the 2016 teacher of year award from the Atlanta Society Of Entertainers. Kris has had the honor and pleasure of teaching country music legend Travis Tritt's two sons for almost 5 years now. Kris has proficiency in a variety of different styles; including jazz, country, rock classical, and punk. 

An active performer, session guitar player, and songwriter, Kris has toured internationally both performing and hosting clinics in Italy, Poland, Great Britain, Germany, France and several other European countries. Among the many accolades and achievements he has gained, Kris has had the opportunity to work with Grammy award winning artist such as Bryan White with his classic country group Kris Anderson and The Would Be Thieves and Such names as Doyle Dykes, Richard Smith, and Thom Bresh with his Dixie Jazz group The VaudeVillains. Kris has been featured on several esteemed local and national radio programs as well as television. 

Not only does Anderson maintain an active membership with the Nashville Songwriters association, but he is also an established member of the Atlanta Guitar Guild and an endorsed artist by Fred Kelly Picks, Cleartone Strings and Eastman Guitars


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Hi everyone! 

The Solo acoustic show at Isabella's went great! Thank you SO MUCH to everyone that came out! I'm doing it again on Feb 2nd. Come out and hang with me. I will be singing some new songs off the new record, and whatever else I can think of.. I also have a full band show with my band The Would Be Thieves on March 19th at the Red light Cafe in Atlanta. Check out the shows section for more info on these shows. Can't wait to see you guys out there! :-) 


My new record is coming along very nicely. All the scratch tracks have been laid down, and next up is my bass player and drummer come in to lay down their parts. The rehearsals have been great. I am REALLY loving the sound that this band and record is making. It's beautiful! We can't wait for you to hear it! Stay tuned!


 I am working on some shows for my band The Would Be Thieves both locally and out there on the road in a city near you.. where we will be trying out some of these new songs off the record, and of course some old favorites. I do have some shows coming up where I will be playing guitar with The TrainWrecks, The Damned Ol Opry, The VaudeVillains, and The Waymores. Check the "SHOWS" section for all the details. Can't wait to see you guys! :-)


The "Kris Anderson Official" Music page on Facebook is up and running. Come see me there @krisandersonofficial :-)


That's all for now.

Find me on some stage somewhere....

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